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Hardware Setup Guide


Please connect your MorningRope to your network and test that everything works well before proceeding with attaching hardware.

1.Pick Side#

Begin by determinng which side of the window you want the motor to be on. Look for the closest available power outlet and try to be near it.

2. Attach Pulleys#

You will have 2 pulley that have a zip tie. There is a single pulley and a double pulley.

Attach the double pulley to the curatin rod wall bracket one the same side as the motor will be on. Do not tighten the zip tie too much, it's best to wait until the very end to see how much slack is available.

Double Pulley

Attach the single pulley to the curtain rod wall brack on the opposite end of the motor.

3. Attach Carriages#

You will have two carriages.

Attach the carriages so the hinges face towards each other and into the center.

Place both carriages towards the top of the back tab.


Place the backtab into the clamping mechanism. Insert a 25mm hex head screw into the hole, and tighten with a M3 Wing Nut


4. Run String#

With both pulleys attached and both carriages attached, we can now run the string through all of them.

Here is what it will look like. One carriage will have 2 screws, and the other will only need 1. The carriage with 2 screws will have both ends of the string, with a screw holding down each end.

Begin by running the string through the single pulley (#1 in above below).



If the string is too frayed, use a lighter to melt the end which makes it easy to insert.


Notice that both ends of the string be screwed into the same carriage.


Be sure to move as much of the string through the double pulley, where is will hang down and be attached to the motor.


Do not tighten the single screw, we will need to adjust the position of the curtain before tightening it down.

5. Wall Plate#

Once the string is properly run, we can attach the wall-plate to the wall.

You have the option of using screws/anchors or the foam tape. The tape is preffered as it will not leave holes in the wall. If you would like to use the screws, remove the foam tape before attaching screws.

Check the correct oreintation of the wall-plate. The side with the small arrows on it will be where the string will go. The arrows help you see where the string will line up.

Carefully pick the height to place the plate at. There are two button on the motor, so be sure to place it low enough to reach the buttons. Somehwere in the middle of the wall is best.


Next, attach the plate to the wall, being sure that the arrows on the plate will line up with the string.


Attach the motor to the wall plate. Place the small back piece against the back to secure the motor to the wall plate.


The motor should now be attached like this. Use a M3 serrated flange nut to secure the screw.


Attaching the string#

remove the screw from the clamps. Notice that the screw may be placed into either direction. Because sure that the nut inside the clamp is on the opposite end from the screw head.

This will give the large screw something to grab on the other end.


Once the string is secured, let's tighten it up.

Undo one of the screws with the orange arrow and tighten up the string so it is taught. Tighten the screw down.



Do not try to move the curtains by hand. Only pull on the string directly above the motor. Always pull up and away from the motor.

Adjust position of curtains#

One of the curtains should be connected to the string on both ends, and the other should glide along the string (blue arrow above) because we have not tightened down this screw yet.

Pull on the string and move it so the panel that is attached to it is in the center of the curtain rod.

Next, pull the curtain panel that is not attached and move it so it so both curtains are in the center and touching. Tighten the blue arrow screw.

Both curtains should now be attached to the string and open/close together.