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Cloud Setup


To set up ESPHome integration, see this guide

1. Download the App#

The Android or iOS app is required. Please download using the links below

For Android

For iOS

Before mounting any hardware, we need to test the connection and the device.

Open up the app, create an account, and log in.

2. Reset the WiFi#

During manufacturing, WiFi credentials may have been stored in your device. You need to clear them out before you can connect.

Locate the WiFi rest button near the power plug. There are 2 buttons, so be sure to press the correct one.

The WiFi button is opposite of the USB plug.

WiFi Reset Button

Press and hold the button for 15 seconds until the LED light begins flashing quickly

The credentials are now cleared and we can connect to it.

3. Adding Device in App#

WIFI add device 1

WIFI add device 2

WARNING: Only 2.4Ghz networks will work. Your phone must be connected to a 2.4Ghz network for this to work

3a. Initial Test#

Before attaching the device to a window, we need to test the motor.

To select a device, find it on the main page and touch it to open.

WIFI add device 2

Select the settings tab

WIFI add device 2

Set up the following values to run a test.

1. "OPEN STALL" set to 63
2. "CLOSE STALL" set to 63
5. "SPEED" set to 100
6. "Max Distance" set to 12

Press OPEN and then CLOSE to test

3. Tuning Values#

Once the test is complete, go ahead and hang up the device using (the setup guide)[./].